Quality Policy

Medcare Shipping SA endeavors to earn the confidence of the shipowners, charterers, seafarers, and other interested parties and recognition as a high quality and trustworthy international ship manager. This is possible only through the provision of flawless services that satisfy all relevant requirements.

Medcare Shipping SA provides professional ship management services to owners and charterers, protects their interests and assets under its care, fulfills their expectations and:

  • Always complies with all applicable legal and other requirements to continually improve the effectiveness of its IMS.
  • Adopts a proactive approach to its clients’ needs and is responsive to their requests, suggestions, or complaints, always trying to improve the value of its services.
  • Encourages employee teamwork, personal improvement, cooperation, innovative thinking, initiative, leadership, decisiveness, and focus on the client’s needs and satisfaction.
  • Sets measurable and meaningful objectives and targets and reviews them frequently.
  • Addresses the needs of interested parties who receive the Company’s services or whom these services may impact.


To objectively assess its performance, the Company:

  • Establishes criteria for the quality of its services.
  • Monitors, measures, and analyses its objectives and targets for continual suitability to verify the effective implementation of the established processes.
  • Identifies and manages the risks and opportunities of its services.