One of the most vital services that Medcare has to provide to the ship owning companies, whose vessels it manages, is the employment of those vessels in accordance with their Owners’ instructions and wishes.

Employment Maximization

Securing employment for the fleet in order to maximise the earnings from the freight market.

Freight Market Monitoring

Following closely the freight market in terms of supply and demand for tonnage, both in short term and long term view.

Ship Broker Networking

Marketing and fixing the ships through a network of international ship brokers world wide and through direct contact with charterers / cargo owners on the spot or period charter basis.

Charter Analysis

Analysing / negotiating / reviewing all charter parties prior to fixing to ensure the company has received all possible benefits and protection, and to ensure compliance with P&I club rules and approved forms of contract.

Post-Fixture Coordination

Liaising with Marine & Operations departments for availability / suitability of vessels and for subsequent post-fixture activity.

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