The Crew Department is responsible for ensuring that all vessels are efficiently and effectively manned with fully qualified and experienced seafarers in accordance with the relevant STCW & Flag Administration requirements.

Seafarer Performance and Retention

  • Employ seafarers who meet company standards and strive to improve their performance.
  • Implement an effective appraisal and training system to enhance seafarer skills and retention.
  • Establish an active promotion scheme to recognize and reward high-performing seafarers.

Manning Agent Selection and Compliance

  • Partner with Manning Agents who consistently meet industry certification standards and company requirements.
  • Ensure compliance with STCW and respective Flag Administrations’ regulations for Manning Agents.

Implementing an Effective Drug & Alcohol Program

  • Establish and maintain a comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Program that is efficient and in line with industry best practices.
  • Conduct regular and thorough testing to maintain a zero-tolerance approach and eliminate any instances of alcohol or narcotics use.
  • Provide necessary support, counseling, and resources to assist seafarers in overcoming substance-related challenges while promoting a safe and healthy work environment.

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