Marine Safety, Quality & Environment

The Safety, Quality & Environmental department, is the department responsible for the safety on board the vessels, pollution prevention, environmental management, and the provision of quality services in every respect.

Compliance with International Standards & Regulations

  • Implement the company’s management system throughout the fleet in accordance with the ISM Code, ISO 9001 Standards, ISO 14001, and company standards.
  • Continuously monitor and update procedures to comply with evolving international rules, regulations, and industry requirements related to safety, quality, and the environment.

Safety, Pollution Prevention, & Resource Management

  • Monitor and ensure the effective implementation of safety and pollution prevention measures on each ship.
  • Allocate adequate resources and shore-based support to maintain high safety and environmental standards.
  • Minimize accidents and hazardous occurrences that jeopardize personnel, property, assets, and the environment.

Auditing & Compliance Verification

  • Regularly visit vessels to conduct audits and ensure compliance with national and international rules and regulations.
  • Maintain approved maintenance standards and obtain vetting department approval from major oil companies.

Training Program Implementation & Hazard Elimination

  • Implement and maintain the company’s comprehensive training program for seafarers.
  • Proactively identify and eliminate safety hazards on board through third-party inspections and routine operations.

Time Efficiency & Waste Management

  • Prevent any delays to vessel operations caused by management system failures.
  • Minimize the volume of garbage, oil residues (sludges), and oily bilge water produced on board through effective waste management practices.

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